The fast way to reach
tech journalists

Writers have deadlines, 100,000s of hungry readers and they need good relevant content. Find them, their emails and use the template below to contact them. Less thinking required.
1. Choose a group relevant to your product

5,000 Tech journos

5,000 Top Bloggers

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2. Search among 5,000 for individuals who will like your content can find and verify the email address if you supply it with a name and domain. It's linked to each row below.

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3. Email them something they'll love

The perfect pitch to journalists. Source: Matthew Barby

It’s short, it gets to the point quickly.

Mentions uniqueness, so journalist does not have to research too hard for an angle.

Offers exclusivity so journalist doesn't worry about repetition. Add '48 hour exclusive' when necessary.
Around 30 more templates available here: Ice cold email templates